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:: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 ::

Well, La-Dee-Freakin'-Dah!

This is just priceless. Christ, Raimondo, have some effing dignity. You sound like Oral Roberts.
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:: Sunday, September 22, 2002 ::

Who Didn't See This Coming?

Conspiracy charlatan Mike Ruppert's White Knight has disappeared:
A man who says the American government knew in advance of the Sept. 11 attacks went AWOL yesterday before his scheduled extradition hearing, leaving his lawyer to wonder if U.S. authorities had silenced him.

A bench warrant for the arrest of accused fraud artist Delmart Edward Vreeland, 37, will be served today[Sept. 10] if he isn't in a Toronto court by 10 a.m.

Anticipating this, Ruppert had long ago alleged that a Barry Seal-type scenario was underfoot. And there are undoubtedly people out there dumb enough to believe it.

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:: Thursday, September 12, 2002 ::

Canada Beware

CKLN radio ran an interview with yours truly today, on Mike Ruppert's conspiracy theories.

The promo refers to me as "mild-mannered." That is a typo. It should read "Quiet. Too quiet."
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:: Monday, September 02, 2002 ::

More Ruppert News

For those of you dissatisfied with the frequency of my own posts, Ron Anicich, the Canadian radio reporter who brought you the most comprehensive Delmart Vreeland Website ever, has his own blog. Unlike mine, it features firsthand reporting, such as this e-mail exchange with the bullshit king himself:
This response is on the record.

Yes, I sent Vreeland the below email when I sent the interview questions. Nowhere in it do I tell him what to say. I tell him the format of the interview and that doesn?t violate any journalistic standards. So what?

I do not remember sending him any emails about Weems? correspondence but I may have. So what?

You state that I have lied to you on a number of occasions. I am putting you on notice that you need to specify to me exactly what those occasions were and what I said that was untrue and then provide me an opportunity to respond.

If you do not my attorney will be in touch with you immediately for publishing a libelous story. I have duly noted your new threat in the files.

Mike Ruppert

So I wrote back:

Mr. Ruppert,

First of all; if you were any kind of journalist you would know that you did, in fact, violate journalistic standards. I would, and will, suggest you had a clear motive for this. You know that virtually every time Vreeland opens his mouth he exposes himself as a fraud! Not only that but after you had heard from one of Vreeland's victims you stated to us clearly in an interview that you were not aware of any of Vreeland's victims. That, Mr. Ruppert is called lying. I'm sure your lawyer can fill you in on any technicalities.

Secondly; Notice or not, I am not in any way obliged to inform you of your own actions. If you cant remember lying to us then you can just wait for us to finish our work.

Third; what threat are you talking about? If you are speaking about exposing you as a liar then I suggest you stop lying. I would also suggest that people have already published stories which exposed your previous dishonesty and misleading assertions. They continue to do this despite the fact that you are sueing them? Whatever! The internet is full of work that endeavours to correct your own. You will undoubtedly waste a ton of money defending your (lack of) honour against these many articles. I would suggest this money would be better spent on your rapidly approaching retirement.

I am putting YOU on notice. We will continue our research and continue to expose the lies you are telling. Like I said, if you don't like it then STOP LYING! Please send any further correspondance which contains empty legal threats to CKLN who will forward it to our lawyer, after they have a great laugh.

Providing you with an opportunity to respond is a courtesy, not an obligation. Considering your response to our many querries we have decided that we no longer wish to give you another chance to correct your many errors.

Thank you for your time.

Ron Anicich
CKLN Radio
Toronto, Canada

It gets better. Read the whole thing. He also links to this radio interview in which Ruppert gets ambushed by David Corn himself. Great radio, if you can suppress the incredibly annoying KPFK host.

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